Champion Konfederate's  Fatback

tTitles: BH, WB1 
 Konfederate's  Banjo

Konfederate's  Dixie
 Konfederate's  Deb

Konfederate's Big Cat

 Konfederate's Cracker

Konfederate Kennel's Jackson "Cisco Kid"

Gr. Champion Konfederate's Memphis

 Konfederate's Buckwheat

Konfederate's Joe Bob

 Jr. Champion Konfederate's  Majic

 CH Konfederate's Emma CD1

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eKonfederate's Crispy 

 Gr Ch Konfederate's Lock & Load "Louie"
NKC American Bulldog of the Year 2010
 Champion Konfederate's  Mandingo

 Champion Konfederate's Butterbean

CH Konfederate's 12 Gage

CeChampion Konfederate's Daisy

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 Champion Konfederate's Alex

Titles:  WB1, WTE
Konfederate's Hank of  Margentina

Past Dogs
Champion Konfederate's Bedford
Champion Konfederate's American Idol
Konfederate's June Bug of FON
Konfederate's Sweet Tea of Carnota
Konfederate's Corn
CH Konfederate's Crow
Konfederate's Witch Hazel